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About Eureka



Eureka is a Hong Kong based architectural studio established in 2011 aiming to create a multi-layered experience.

Architecture is not just about being visual.  It is an opportunity to use the resources to build to bring in other values.  DOUBLE AGENDA is what we believe in. We create commons, be it in a home, a school, or in society, to encourage new and positive interactions between people.  Meaningful space can transform people’s behaviour.  

We do not believe in excess.  We want honesty in our materials and construction, and connect space with nature and surrounding.  To feel the beauty. Architecture should have narratives, and sensibility.

We focus our works in our home city Hong Kong.  Currently, we are working on a new-built kindergarten, an intergeneration co-living residential tower, a HK crafts foundation and other interior projects.



Who are we? We are designers who

- Explore a wide variety of possibilities

- Enjoy challenges and challenge every topic

- Eager to make changes and improve our surroundings

- Embrace the flaws with an ever-learning attitude

- Enrich every space with colourful dreams

- Enthusiastic under every circumstance