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Hide and Seek

Tai Koo, Hong Kong

year: 2010
status: built
type: private apartment
area: 130m2
cost: undisclosed


When the children have grown up and moved away from home, the life of the mother can be reorganized.


And hence her space. We have intentionally created an disproportionately large space (40% of the total area) for her in the previous 3 bedrooms apartment.


Finally, she can have a walk-in closet, for her to reach her clothes easily.

Finally, she can have a study, with a hidden cupboard where she stores her paints and washes her brushes. Divided by a folding screen, she can sleep by separating the study from the bedroom, or she can enjoy one big room within the apartment.

Finally, she can have a guest room to welcome her children to stay, or to accommodate a friend visiting town.

Finally, she can have dinner parties and entertain her guests.

Finally, she can have ‘her’ storage, to hide the unnecessary and display, at her ease, her paintings.


The mother can now seek her new ways of inhabiting the apartment.


Design Team: Annette Chu