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About Eureka

Eureka is a Hong Kong based architectural design studio established in 2011 aiming to create a multi-layered experience. Believe in script-writing and the idea of "polytropic", the studio explores the existed typology and spaces through collecting, changing, redefining and creating situations, and hence the design. 

Projects include interior, architecture and master planning. They vary from small installations to commercial interiors, cycling parks, private houses, future planning of a school campus and renovation to a Buddhist park. Eureka is currently building St. Paul′s Kindergarten in Tai Po and designing a residential development for young people and elderly in Kowloon City.

We explore the physical and latent qualities of sites, and re-narrate, and respond with the sensitive and often playful ideas to add new dimensions to the context and experience for the users. We work closely with the client and end users to fully explore beyond the design brief perimeters. We dream, and at the same time we care about the process of materializing our dreams.